Thursday, July 4, 2013

Acer Aspire R7: A Laptop To Make You Flip

Best Price - Rs . 55000/-

Today Acer held a press conference in New York to announce a variety of new products. Given the timing, it’s no surprise that Intel 4th Generation CPUs aren’t specifically listed, though we expect additional updates in the coming months. What we have in the meantime are a few interesting takes on where computing and touchscreen interfaces are headed. We’ll start with the Aspire R7, which is the most unusual of the new offerings.                                 
But for the last couple of weeks, instead of leaning in toward my laptop I just brought my laptop to me. I've been using the Acer Aspire R7, the Windows 8 laptop that has a "floating touchscreen" that can be twisted, spun, flipped, and moved every which way. It's quirky, and weird, and in more ways than one looks like nothing I've ever seen. It's been fantastic for my neck over the last couple of weeks, but is it a great machine

PC makers are striking out with traditional laptops, so Acer decided to try something different with the Aspire R7.I’ve been calling it “The Star Trek Laptop,” mainly because of its promotional tie-in to Into Darkness, and partly because, when posed just the right way, it looks like the USS Enterprise

With its extended hinge, the R7 allows you to pull the screen forward, blocking the trackpad but making the touchscreen easier to reach. It also lets you flip the display over so someone across the table can take a look, or fold it down into a tablet–though the hinge prevents the screen from laying completely flush with the base.

The Aspire R7 Series Notebook boasts a unique design that immerses you in content like never before. This slim, high-performance PC features the patented Ezel™ hinge, bringing your touchscreen within easy reach whichever way you use it. It is also designed for better typing with its perfectly located keyboard. Work with the Aspire R7 at your desk as a notebook or as an ezel, flip it into display mode for sharing, or use it as a tablet for drawing. The Aspire R7 not only brings touch closer to you, it makes interaction natural.

The Windows 8 laptop, which costs $1,000, features a pivoting touchscreen that allows you to position it at different angles, including on top of the keyboard, so you can use it as a tablet. It’s a slightly different take on the convertible laptops that are already out there, but one of the things that makes the Aspire R7 stand out is that Acer has switched the position of the keyboard and touchpad. 

When Acer plans a global press event, asking journalists to fly in from twelve time zones away, you know it's going to announce more than just some back-to-school PCs.The company just announced the Aspire R7, a 15-inch laptop whose display sits on a flexible "Ezel" hinge, allowing it to be pushed up and back so that it lies nearly flat yep, just like an all-in-one desktop.

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