Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Best Apple Wireless Keyboard And Design

Trade in your stock keyboard for one of these alternatives and watch your productivity shoot through the roof. The following picks run the gamut of functionality and appeal to a variety of typists; some reduce finger motion or angle your hands for a more comfortable typing position, others cater programmable keys and profile switching to hardcore gamers, and others are sleek and minimalistic for those desiring a low-profile peripheral that won't add bulk to a desktop environment. The good news is that more features don't necessarily imply a higher price tag- you'll find a range of prices to satisfy Scrooge McDucks and Warren Buffetts alike.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard is my favorite of our two Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard. It doesn't fold like the Freedom Pro, but the Apple keyboard is only $69.00 compared to, $142.94 for the Freedom Pro.Even though it doesn't fold, it is a lot more durable. The keyboard is fully functional and the keys are normally spaced.

Both as a compromise and as an overall design, the best of the bunch is Apple’s official Wireless Keyboard ($69), which was on the market predating the release of the iPad and has not as yet been changed in any way for iOS devices. Because Apple made only a handful of changes from its Mac keyboard layout to the one used on the official iPad Keyboard Dock, android keyboard apps the Wireless Keyboard has the greatest similarity in key functions and feel, yet still omits the several iOS-specific keys such as Home, Picture Frame, Spotlight, and Lock that distinguish Mac keyboards from iOS ones.

Now that we are able to officially pair Bluetooth keyboards with our Apple TVs, the question quickly becomes: what are the best Bluetooth keyboards to use? Well, after searching the highest highs, the lowest lows, and everywhere in between we believe we have compiled a list of the best options, and great choices, for every preference out there.

The iPad supports almost any Bluetooth keyboard, but there are many, many keyboards on the market that are specifically made for use with the iPad. These tend to be designed for portability, and they usually include special iPad-function keys for adjusting volume and screen brightness, controlling media playback, opening iOS’s Spotlight-search screen, going to the home screen, and more. Some even offer dedicated cut, copy, and paste buttons

Most iPad keyboards are integrated into some sort of protective case, although a few are stand-alone models; regardless of the design, most include rechargeable batteries that last for weeks or months on a charge.

key Features
  • Anodized aluminum enclosure
  • Qwerty layout with special function keys
  • Low profile keys
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Ultra-thin design

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