Tuesday, April 22, 2014

HUL PureIt Classic 14 Ltr Water Purifier

Best Price: Rs. 1399/-

Water is the most fundamental component for maintaining a healthy life and its purity can be as much ssential. Hindustan Unilever Limited provides you with the most advanced range of in-home water purifiers: Pureit. These purifiers ensure complete defense against all kinds of water-borne diseases while providing convenience and affordability.

The HUL Pureit Classic is a straightforward, practical and affordable way to obtain safe drinking water at home. Accessible in royal blue, the purifier features a total capacity of 14 litres and storage capacity of 5 litres. The Pureit Classic doesn't need tap connection or electricity. Hence, place the purifier anywhere based on your preference and also save a lot on electricity bills. The Pureit Compact Water Purifier meets stringent international criteria of Epa (EPA), USA, for harmful virus and bacteria removal. Pureit water purifiers employ Germkill technology plus an advanced 4-stage purification process to offer you drinking water which is completely free from harmful germs. Compact in design, the HUL Pureit Classic water purifier can be quite easy to use.

Specifications of HUL PureIt Classic 14 Ltr Water Purifier


  • Size (W x H x D) 247 x 491 x 253 mm
  • Net Weight 2.4 kg


  • Brand HUL
  • Colour Burgundy
  • Model Pureit Classic 14 Litres
  • Type Non-Electric Storage Water Purifier


  • Storage Tank Food Safe, Non-toxic, Engineering Plastic
  • Total Capacity 14 Litres
  • Filter Life 1250 Litres
  • Indicators Filter Life
  • Other Body Features Food-grade, Non-Toxic, Engineering Plastic
  • Storage Capacity 5 Litres


  • Auto Shut Off Yes


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  2. Water Purifier that many people use now is using sand filtration method. non electric gravity based water purifiers under 3000