Tuesday, July 21, 2015

JBL T250 SI On-Ear Headphones Specification And Price in India

JBL T250 SI Over Ear Headphones (Black) has been especially designed to give you utmost comfort while listening to your favourite music tracks. The T250SI is an On-Ear Headphone that consists of highly powerful premium drivers, which gives you an optimum sound production. It consists of lightweight Ear-Cups that are self-adjustable. The cushioned headband adds extra comfort and therefore, enables you in listening to the music for extended hours without any hassles. It also consists of a 3.5 mm Gold Plated jack that adds to the fine quality sound production.        

The JBL T250 SI on ear headphones in black come with 3.5mm gold plated connector that connects perfectly to your media devices like phone, tablet, PC, laptop, MP3/MP4 music player, iPad, iPod, phablet and Blackberry device. These high-quality headphones let you enjoy your favourite games, videos, music and more with enhanced sound quality, without the disturbance of any background noise. Moreover these stylish on ear headphones sport long and tangle-free wire that let you enjoy the music even when you have placed your media device at a distance.

Thanks to the high power magnetic drivers that let JBL T250 SI black on ear headphones offer high bass. It also increases the sensitivity of the driver, yielding greater output. These JBL headphones are designed to offer comfort. With the cushioned cups are very soft and do not harm your ears; hence you can comfortably wear these headphones for the entire day. Adding to your comfort is the adjustable and padded headband. You can keep these lightweight bass on ear headphones in your laptop bag or backpack to carry them along, conveniently.

Best price in Price: Rs. 767/-

BL T250 SI On-Ear Headphones Technical Specifications 

Brand : JBL

Colour : Black

Product Type : Over Ear

Model : T250 SI

Wireless : No

Mic : No

Jack Diameter : 3.5 mm

Cord Length : 110 cm

Detachable Cord : No

Height : 194 mm

Additional Features : Padded ear cup that self adjust for alignment

Tangle Free Cord : Yes


  1. Of all the wireless Earphones
    I have tested, the PTron brand is one of the more original designs I have come across.

  2. The best thing is, there was no wire connecting me to a stereo. Added to this, the music quality was superb. I fear I’ve had many similar experiences cooking, cleaning, tidying and blogging while listening to Chvrches, Lights, Paolo Nutini, Jimi Hendrix and so on. My wife has got used to calling after me and getting no response because I’m listening to music. I’ve gone off on a tangent. Let’s consider the Headphones. I’m no stranger to JBL’s products having reviewed its Soundfly wireless speaker system. I also had several of its products demonstrated to me at a special event held for dad bloggers a couple of years ago.