Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Best Power Banks in India With 10,000 mAh

Power banks emerge as lifesavers in situations when the phones run out of battery, but the same lifeguards can disappoint you if they themselves are running low on battery. To avoid such sticky situations, it's better to have a power bank with a monstrous backup that can prove handy in need. With price being a major determining factor, we have complied a list of pocket-friendly power banks with a battery capacity of a minimum of 10000 mAh.

Asus ZenPower (10050 mAh)

Launched in India on April 23, the Asus ZenPower will go on sale in India this week, confirmed the company. It is lighter and smaller than the Mi Power Bank.    
Price: Rs 1,499

Huawei Honor AP007

The Honor power bank comes with a large battery capacity of 13000 mAh, which once fully charged will charge an iPhone 6 up to four times. Similar to the OnePlus, this portable charger also comes with dual USB ports and will enable simultaneous charging.

Price: Rs 1399

Ambrane Power Bank

Ambrane Power Bank With a stylish and sleek body, this portable battery charger comes in different variants - 13000 mAh, 10400 mAh and 6000 mAh. It supports all USB devices like mobiles, tablets and cameras. They come with digital display and dual USB ports.

Price: Rs 13000

Adcom Power Bank (20000 mAh)

Adcom Power Bank (20000 mAh) This is the most powerful power bank in the list. It is available on various online stores for under Rs 1,500.

Price: Rs 1,400

Romoss Power Bank

Romoss Power Bank This 10000 mAh portable battery charger from Rosmoss is a very simple looking, but VFM device that is priced below 1500 INR. With 4 LEDs, you can easily check your battery consumption.

Price: Rs.1035


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  2. I was traveling with 4 power bank each 16800mAh, From Heathrow airport terminal 5 to LAX (Los Angles). Two of them where in hand carry and two checkin luggage. They asked to take them out from my checkin luggage it was deadly task to do. I had move my luggage and search for them in checkin luggage. They examine all the 4 power banks and Told me I can only carry two of them, in Hand Carry, I am not allowed keep any of them in Checkin Luggage. Luckly I had friend traveling with me I gave him two and kept two with me in our Hand Carry we where taking AA to LAX. We where traveling from India and I bought those power bank from latest one Now a days Carrying Power bank is real tough job. I Normaly I carry Power bank, Bluetooth speaker, both has Lithium battery. I think they are strict now because in recent past cases like Malaysian airline Mh370 and other airlines crashed may be becuase of fire and fire is highly possible with litthium batteries.